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How low-speed pre-ignition can damage your direct-injection turbo engine

Manufacturers are always chasing better efficiency goals. One of the more recent trends is to downsize engines and add turbocharging, as we see many six-cylinder engines being replaced by turbocharged four-cylinders in a variety of applications. The phenomenon has resulted in automakers’ mass adoption of supporting technologies, such as direct injection.
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MYGIG: The Story Of An Infotainment System

Parts sharing is a common practice in the automotive industry, where white label solutions from companies you’ve never heard of end up in the cheapest subcompacts and the priciest exotics. While many of those parts are gaskets and bolts you’ll never see, there’s one piece of technology that’s shown up relatively unchanged dead center in the cockpit of battered Dodge rental cars and Ferrari’s high-tech grand tourer.
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How NASCAR gears up to race under corona

After a long coronavirus break, NASCAR is once again preparing to go racing. In preparation, team and manufacturer facilities in North Carolina have reopened. There is, however, more involved than simply turning on the lights and heading back to a green flag. We checked in with David Wilson, the president of Toyota Racing Development, to see how the company is preparing for the restart.
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NASCAR prepares to resume racing May 17

Sporting events all over the world have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and that includes NASCAR, which hasn’t held a race since March 8. That might be changing in the next few weeks, however, as NASCAR is apparently intending to resume racing on May 17. According to multiple team sources, NASCAR has floated a variety of plans on restarting racing, and earlier this week the series distributed a schedule to teams that is likely to be announced officially later this week.
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Race cars to respirators: How NASCAR’s Keselowski is joining the fight

Racers all over the world have stepped in to bolster relief efforts and ease the burden on frontline workers during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, often repurposing advanced prototyping and manufacturing equipment typically reserved for building race cars. NASCAR Cup Series driver Brad Keselowski is one such driver and has employed the manufacturing prowess of his company, Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing (KAM), to manufacture dozens of face shields and create molds for hundreds more.
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How Ford Is Using Seat Ventilation Fans to Build Thousands of Respirators

Ford announced today that it is partnering with 3M in order to manufacture powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs) as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These respirators are often called positive-pressure masks as they take contaminated air, pull it through a filter, then push it to the sealed mask using an air blower.
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NASCAR Next Gen “P3” prototype is “99 percent” of the final race car

NASCAR debuted a new version of its Next Gen prototype this week at Auto Club Speedway in California, with William Byron behind the wheel. This version of the car is dubbed the “P3” as it is the third version built, the first one being used for aerodynamic testing and the second being tested by a variety of drivers over the past few months.
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A New Crossover Could Be the Key to Getting the GR Yaris's Powertrain in America

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How Toyota's Racing Simulators Are Creating Better Street Cars

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Engine Manufacturers Want NASCAR to Go Hybrid

Teams in NASCAR's Cup series currently use 358 cubic inch pushrod V-8s. Toyota Racing Development, or TRD for short, manufactures and rebuilds the V-8 used by its Cup teams. With large updates in store for the upcoming Next Gen car, we asked TRD's U.S. president David Wilson about possible changes in store, like modernized engines and the possibility of hybrid tech.
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Jeff Gordon Talks Next-Gen NASCAR and Rivalry with Dale Ahead of Daytona 500

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How The Toyota GR Yaris's Powertrain Could Come to America

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Bozi Tatarevic

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His writing draws from his technical and sales background and often focuses on getting the story behind the scenes. His inbox is always open for tips and new ideas.