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The 2020 Nissan Frontier is getting a new 3.8-liter engine, and it’s probably a V-6

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Hennessey explains how it plans to tune the C8 Corvette to handle 700 and 1200 hp

Hennessey announced its plans for upgraded variants of the 2020 Corvette a few weeks ago. We approached the Texas-based tuner with some skepticism in our coverage, seeing as there wasn’t much information available on how Hennessey planned to reach the outrageous power levels it claimed. We reached out to Hennessey in the process of researching the story but did not receive any answers in time for publication, but since then Hennessey reached out and offered some answers.
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Can Hennessey deliver on its horsepower promises for the 2020 C8 Corvette?

Hennessey recently announced that it is working on building higher powered variants of the 2020 C8 Corvette. While Hennessey threw out some big numbers in its release, it is unclear if it actually has a plan in place to achieve those assertions, based on currently available information on the new Corvette.
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Is this a C4 Corvette or a C5? The answer is…

Accessorizing a car can be a fun way to make it feel more personal—but it can be easy to go overboard. One of my Twitter followers inquired about a car they had spotted at work—and at a quick glance I identified it as a C5 Corvette with a body kit of some sort. No big deal, those are all over the place.
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How NASCAR and IMSA Could Go Hybrid in the Near Future

Road cars are increasingly offering more hybrid and electric options, so it is no surprise that manufacturers want to be able to replicate that in racing. That's especially true in NASCAR and IMSA, where big changes appear to be on the horizon. While most of these hybrid discussions have happened behind closed doors, we can look across the pond at the British Touring Car Championship series to see what the future holds for stock car and sports car racing in North America.
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How Nissan Changes an SUV Engine Into a Full-Fledged Racing V-8

We recently shared the sounds of a Nissan V-8 that powers many current LMP3 cars. You'd probably assume that the engines are extensively modified to sound that way. As it turns out, these engines are pulled from the same line as the SUV engines and only lightly breathed on by NISMO. The 5.0 liter V-8, dubbed VK50VE, is based on an engine that first appeared as the 4.5L VK45 in 2002.
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2021 “Next Gen” will bring NASCAR’s first-ever independent rear suspension, sequential gearbox

While most racing series have transitioned to sequential or dual-clutch gearboxes, NASCAR has kept its tried-and-true four-speed manual H-pattern gearbox. Using this type of gearbox does make sense for many of the tracks that NASCAR visits, but the series is now exploring new options to keep better pace with other racing series around the world.
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What We Know About The Hybrid, All-Wheel Drive C8 Corvette From Official Documents

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette just debuted with the engine in the middle for the first time ever in production form, but General Motors has wasted no time telling us there’s room for more performance. But what form could that take? Thanks to documents obtained by Jalopnik, we actually have some details on how the Corvette team might electrify its mid-engine sports car for even greater performance—and add all-wheel drive.
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This Facebook Group Is Uncovering SEMA's Most Wonky and Hilariously Unsafe Builds

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show brings some of the world’s best fabricators and manufacturers to Las Vegas each year. Among the sea of tidy, high-quality builds lurk projects that must have been conceived on a napkin with a crayon. The Facebook group, “SEMA Fails”, documents these project disasters, pointing out parts that are superfluous, or just plain unsafe.
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Leaked details on Ford’s 2020 Bronco

Details on Ford’s 2020 Bronco have been sparse, but information often trickles out about the automaker’s upcoming products from third-party companies working alongside Ford. Off-Road Navigation is not a surprising feature, since Ford has already deployed the system overseas on the Ranger Raptor. According to Ford Europe, the feature works by leaving “digital breadcrumbs” in the navigation system so that drivers can find their way back after leaving the beaten path.
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The C8 Corvette’s suspension adjustability is a dream for track hopefuls

Early reviews of the 2020 Corvette are finally out. It comes as no surprise that the LT2 V-8 is sensational, but not everyone is showering praise on the mid-engine Vette’s handling dynamics. The underlying theme: understeer. I got a detailed, up-close look at the C8 Stingray’s suspension, so let’s dig into the ways we might be able to adjust the handling behavior to our liking.
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How The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Repurposes Brake Parts For Front Axle Lift

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Bozi Tatarevic

Bozi was born in the land of the Yugo but grew up flipping Chevys in the Southeast US. His automotive background ranges from running a used car sales and service facility to building junkyard LS engines and fixing endurance car.

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