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Bozi Tatarevic

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The Parts the Tesla Model S Shares With Other Cars

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Here's Ford's Official Warranty Fix for Focus RS Head Gasket Failure

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How Ford Modified the Focus RS's Engine for Ranger Duty

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Rental Review – Mishaps With Maven

General Motors launched its Maven rideshare service in 2016 with the goal of providing renters with a taste of its vehicles, while also bringing in a little extra revenue. The service offers a wide array of vehicles ranging from small hatchbacks like the Chevrolet Spark to large SUVs like the Tahoe.
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Ram Deploys Unique Air-cooled Motor-Generator System

Earlier today, we found out that the 2019 Ram 1500 will be offered with a mild hybrid option dubbed eTorque. Official fuel economy figures are not out yet, but FCA estimates the hybrid system should show around a 10 percent improvement over current figures. The system employs a motor-generator driven off the crankshaft that is similar to the GM BAS system in some ways.
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How A Car Company Decides If It's Going To Warranty Your Modified Car

There are equal amounts of fear and bravado when it comes to modifying new cars. Many owners worried they’ll void their warranty don’t modify their car at all. Others make modifications they can reverse if they need to take a car in for warranty work. But few know what a car company even looks for when assessing a modified car with a problem.
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Behind the wheel of the Tesla Model 3: a first-drive

The Tesla Model 3 was revealed in March of 2016 and has been hyped as the next big thing in electric vehicles. Hundreds of thousands placed reservations for the smaller, more affordable Tesla and many are still waiting as the first batch of cars went only to employees and those affiliated with the company.
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Why the Ford Focus RS Is Having Head Gasket Issues

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Is the New Acura NSX Simple to Maintain?

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All the Issues With the Civic Type R and How Honda Is Fixing (One of) Them

The Honda Civic Type R finally showed up on our shores this year, packing polarizing styling and over 300 horsepower going to its front wheels. Demand has been high and dealers have taken advantage by adding ADM on top of the model’s MSRP. Many customers are happy to pay the premium. We’ve had the Type R on the road and on the track and, while the opinions on styling vary, everyone seems to be impressed with the performance.
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Five important questions about the Tesla Semi truck

Tesla unveiled its all-electric truck last week and started the show off with impressive claims of acceleration and range. Tesla states that the truck can accelerate to 60mph in just five seconds, which is quick for a vehicle that large but not something that is often, or possibly ever, considered by the average large-truck customer.
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Bozi Tatarevic

Bozi was born in the land of the Yugo but grew up flipping Chevys in the Southeast US. His automotive background ranges from running a used car sales and service facility to building junkyard LS engines and fixing endurance car.

His writing draws from his technical and sales background and often focuses on getting the story behind the scenes. His inbox is always open for tips and new ideas.