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Bozi Tatarevic

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The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Has Corvette, G-Wagen, And NSX Parts

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Inside NASCAR's 2022 Rule Decision: 670 HP and a 4-Inch Spoiler

NASCAR got back to evaluating the Next Gen car last week with its second large-scale test at Charlotte Motor Speedway, where the goal was to improve how the new design performs at this type of track. This most recent round of testing led to significant improvements to the Next Gen car, as well as an upheaval of the engine and aerodynamic configurations intended for these tracks.
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Why Tesla and McLaren Borrow Parts From Mercedes and Hyundai

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NASCAR's First Big Next Gen Oval Test Was a Rocky Start

NASCAR completed its largest test of the brand-new Next Gen Cup car at Charlotte Motor Speedway's oval last week. The results? A lot of promise on many technical aspects, but a need for improvement in how the cars interact with each other in traffic. The Charlotte oval test was the debut of a number of changes to try to alleviate cockpit heat with the Next Gen car.
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NASCAR's Latest Tweaks to Solve Excess Cabin Heat in the Next Gen Car

NASCAR completed its final race with the Generation 6 Cup car in early November. Now all eyes are on the Next Gen car which is set to debut next year ahead of the 2022 racing season. While much of the focus during this season’s final weekend was on the championship race, the Next Gen car took up a significant chunk of the “State of the Sport” session held by NASCAR President Steve Phelps at the start of the weekend.
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The $7 Part That Starts Every Lexus LFA

The keyed ignition switch is nearly a thing of the past. Today, even base-model economy cars are showing up with keyless push-button start. But it wasn’t so long ago that even top-end cars had traditional metal keys. One of the most recent examples is the Lexus LFA, an otherworldly supercar built from cutting-edge carbon fiber-reinforced polymer and powered by one of the best sounding engines in the history of the automobile.
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The Crucial Part Shared by the Fiat Panda and Porsche 918 Spyder

We tend to think of limited-production hypercars like the hybrid-powered Porsche 918 Spyder as exclusive vehicles made of bespoke, top-shelf parts. That may not always be the case. While you won’t find the 918’s 4.6-liter naturally aspirated V-8 in any other road-going cars, that mighty engine shared one crucial part with a whole bunch of far more pedestrian machines—including the Fiat Panda.
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Racing Tech: Lexus RC F Airjack System

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Racing Tech: NASCAR's Next Gen Cup Car

Our old pal Bozi’s back. This time he’s taking us for a quick walk-around with Toyota’s Next Gen Cup Car. As you probably know, this new car is a massive departure from stock car tradition. For the first time, the cars won’t have a manual gearbox, the bodies will be made of a composite material, they’ll be symmetrical and there will be a host of other changes.
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Racing Tech: Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400

Welcome to Racing Tech, Jalopnik’s semi-regular look into the engineering behind cutting edge race cars. In this episode, contributor Bozi Tatarevic takes a quick virtual walk around Ford’s Mustang Mach-E 1400 EV track car. While there are some technical hurdles to work out before EVs start competing on-track with their gas-powered counterparts, the Mach-E 1400 shows the potential they have for generating big power, big speed and a lot of tire smoke.
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NASCAR’s Next Gen Racer Is a Leap Toward the Future

NASCAR’s basic formula hasn’t changed much since the Cup Series’ inception. The cars sport a four-speed manual gearbox, a live rear axle, and more brawl than a bare-knuckle beatdown. But that basic componentry changes with the reveal of NASCAR’s Next Gen car, set to debut in 2022. The traditional elements are gone, replaced by a sequential transaxle and independent rear suspension.
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NASCAR's Next Gen Cup Car Is a Revolution in a Sport Built on Evolution

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Bozi Tatarevic

Bozi was born in the land of the Yugo but grew up flipping Chevys in the Southeast US. His automotive background ranges from running a used car sales and service facility to building junkyard LS engines and fixing endurance car.

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